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Bio Fertilizers

BIOSULF is liquid sulphur that acts as an acaricide ,fungicide and nutrition source. The particle size of Sulfur is less than 1 micron. Sulphur is a proven nutrient next only to NPK for all crops. Oilseed crops need more sulphur for better uptake of Nitrogen . Thus sulphur can be considered as a major nutrient. Uptake of Sulphur depends on particle size. As BIOSULF is 1 micron particle size the uptake of sulphur as nutrient is more effective than other forms / formulations of sulphur . Sulphur is a proven fungicide and 1 micron size of sulphur in BIOSULF is effective against powdery mildew by contact action Sulphur is known to be an acaricide and BOSULF with I micron particle size in liquid form is miscible with all other foliar spray products and thus is effective as an acaricide

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