Bio Fertilizers

We deal in best quality Bio Fertilizers, which can enhance the accessibility of plant nutrients in the soil and thus can sustain the agricultural production as well as farming system. These also play an imperative role in the recycling of plant nutrients by improving the soil texture.  These fertilizers do not let pathogens to flourish and produce vitamins as well as growth promoting bio-chemicals. These are non-polluting. Their constituent micro-organisms are biologically interacted with the root, soil and seed of plants, stimulating the growth of micro-flora that improves soil productiveness. Bio Fertilizers we offer are rendered with ultimate ecological as well as economic benefits in all aspects.
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  • State:Liquid
  • Product Name:STOMA-EW
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BioSulf Biostimulant

BIOSULF is liquid sulphur that acts as an acaricide ,fungicide and nutrition source. The particle size of Sulfur is less than 1 micron. Sulphur is a proven nutrient next only to NPK for all crops. Oilseed crops need more sulphur for better uptake of Nitrogen . Thus sulphur can be considered as a major nutrient. Uptake of Sulphur depends on particle size. As BIOSULF is 1 micron particle size the uptake of sulphur as nutrient is more effective than other forms / formulations of sulphur . Sulphur is a proven fungicide and 1 micron size of sulphur in BIOSULF is effective against powdery mildew by contact action Sulphur is known to be an acaricide and BOSULF with I micron particle size in liquid form is miscible with all other foliar spray products and thus is effective as an acaricide

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S-Sol B

Price: 76.39 INR
  • State:Powder

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